Parent Testimonials

Our daughter has been enrolled in Madame Puskarova's Frenchology Reading Comprehension classes for over a year. She recieves the Grade 3 small group enrichment support in Madam P's Frenchology studio. She finds the classes very engaging and fun. Thank you Madam for your hard work with Maya.

Cindy, Oakville

Madam P. has helped my daughter achieve high academic results in math in the Grade 3 French Immersion Programme. When we registered Lucy for the private French lessons the teacher knew exactly where my daughter was struggling. She taught my daughter how to think independently in her daily work tasks using practical strategies. Now my daughter has confidence in performing daily reading comorehension tasks, as well in all her French subjects. Thank you for helping my child.

Lucy's Parents, Oakville, Ontario

Great French teachers who know their French Curriculum. Would recommend to parents who have their children in the French Immersion programmes. Classes and materials are interactive and hands-on.

Monique, Oakville

We are really pleased to say that we see a lot of improvement and gained confidence in Lily. We are also pleased with your professional service. We would like to thank Madam Puskarova's team of professional teachers who have tutored our daugther in the areas of language and math in the Grade 2 French Curriculum.

Nadine, Etobicoke

I find that The Frenchology programmes that Une Smart Academie, Oakville offers focus on preparing their students not only for the school year ahead but their goal is also to equip students with 21st Century skills that they will rely on for the rest of their lives. Thank you for instilling life long academic confidence in my son in his Grade 3 French Programme.

Debbie, Oakville

Martine's French programmes promote creative academic language learning. My daughter has truly enjoyed the way she is learning the French language via arts & crafts. She is given the opportunity to learn French while doing one of her favourite activities.